28-291-High Tenacity PSF Fiber Plant for PET


28-291: High Tenacity PET PSF Fiber Plant

Recycled Flakes PSF line, Brand: Pacific, year 2010, Products for High Tenacity Low Shrinkage, machines in good condition, solid type.

1).45tpd line has16 spinning pos.
2).45tpd line, Anellear roll length: 850mm,dia:750mm.
3).Crimper wheel width for 45tpd line is 220mm and
4).Tumble: 12 sets of 358 tumble(rotating drum)
5). Extruder 160mm, 2 sets
6). 1 bailer
7). Spinneret: 328

1).75tpd line has 24 spinning pos.
2).75tpd line, Anellear roll length: 1000mm, dia: 800mm。
3).Crimper wheel width for 75tpd line is 280mm
4).Continuous dryer:3 sets of 1.2tph, by Zhongyuan
5). 3 sets of 180 extruder.
6). 1 bailer
7). Spinneret: 328

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