28-242: Polyester POY Yarn (Recyling Plant)


28-242: Polyester POY Yarn (Recyling Plant)

Polyester POY Yarn Plant available for Sale.

Raw Material: PET Bottle Scrap

This machines produces Recycled PET Yarn. The complete plant is installed.

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R. No. (28/242)-Polyester POY Yarn (Recyling Plant)

POY Plant For Sale
We have two POY line (12+16+ 4 Extra) total 32 auto 10 End winder
With  Utility Production capacity 1100 MT/Month
Make of MC Jwell (China)
Raw Material Basic Raw material of this is Pet scrap bottle which use after crushing and washing
YOM 2011
Washline We have A washing line capacity 300 MT/month rest all other pet flakes we purchase from market
Production Capacity Produced 1100 MT /month POY which sale in market
Product detail this is Recycle Unit so produce courser Denier as;
Semidul-250/36 ,250/48,250/72,250/96,250/108,320/72,500/96,500/144
Bright (Trilobal)-,250/72,250/96,250/108,,500/96,500/144
Black-250/36 ,250/48,250/72,250/96,250/108,320/72,500/96,500/144
Color -250/36 ,250/48,250/72,250/96,250/108,320/72,500/96,500/144
POY- Plant Equipment Detail
Area Equipment s Unit Qty
Charging Vibrator 1 mt/hr Set 1
Charging system 1.5 mt/hr Set 1
Drying Crystallizer 1.5 mt/hr (chips&flakes) Set 1
Dryer 1.5 mt/hr Set 1
De-humidifier Set 1
Master batch drying Set 2
Master batch Feeder Set 2
Exclussion Extruder – Screw 180 mm (without motor & Drive,& Heating Panel) Set 2
Heater 15 kwx10 Set 2
Vacuum system with double booster pump Set 1
Two step polymer filter Set 2
Booster pump Set 2
Melt pump 4cc Set 28
Dowtherm Boiler Set 2
B/out TEG Bath high capacity Set 1
Sand fludized bed Set 2
Vacuum furnace Set 2
Hypox Set 1
Uniclean Tank Set 2
Ultrasonic Set 1
Screen Bath Set 1
Water air  jet Set 1
Buffing M/C with Long shaft Set 1
Fix Grinder Set 2
Hydrolic Press Set 2
Microscope for spinnerts Set 2
Spinning PHO Set 2
Finish pump (0.75CC) Set 28
Quenchamber Set 28
Spinning Pack Set 280
Control room in separate cabin Set 1
Winding T-up Winder (Auto ) JWA15/1500/3500 Set 28
UtiLity AHU (Quench) 50000CFM Set 1
AHU (T-UP) (30000CFM Set 1
AUX.Equipment CPF Housing  Big set 10
CPF Housing  Small set 10
Candle Filter 905mm Set 11
Candle Filter 505mm Set 13
GP Shaft Pcs 4
Melt Pump 10x 6.0cc Pcs 6
Finish Pump 10×0.10cc Pcs 2
Pack Body complete set ID 90mm set 440
Center plate Pcs 85
Sand cup Pcs 100
Holder Pcs 100
Distributer Pcs 95
Spinnerets  –          Circular                                          36Hole Pcs 228
48Hole Pcs 260
48x2Hole Pcs 50
72Hole Pcs 180
96Hole Pcs 100
144Hole Pcs 100
                                   Trilovel                                          36Hole Pcs 30
48Hole Pcs 30
72Hole Pcs 380
96Hole Pcs 180
108Hole Pcs 40
144Hole Pcs 100
Burning equipment”s Buckets &Trey Pcs 24
Finish Prepration&storage Tank Pcs 6
Working Table Pcs 6
Working Trally Pcs 11
POY Trally Pcs 80
Winder -2Outo,2Menual Winder Pcs 4
Threading Gun with pipe Pcs 7
Complete tools & takels set 1
Lab Denier Testing M/c Set 2
Elonganation testing M/c Set 1
Hot oven Set 1
Tube Knitting m/c Set 1
Tube dying m/c Set 1
Stroboscop,Tension meter,Hardnes meter, Set 1Each
Airflow meter, Set 1
Packing Weight Balance Set 2
Checking Table Set 4
Striping M/c Set 4
Barcod system Set 1
E&I Control Panel Set 1
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