28/334: Nylon Industrial Yarn Plants-4 Lines

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R. No-28/334-Nylon middle-high tenacity(7.0-7.5g/d) FDY yarn spinning line

We can offer 4 complete Nylon middle-high tenacity(7.0-7.5g/d) FDY yarn spinning line,

manufactured by Jwell in 2017,

each line has 1 extruder, 90 mm,

2 Meter pumps,

1 spinning beam,

2×8 spinning packs(95mm),

2×8 spinnerets(80mm),

2 quenches,

2 x 8 hot godets(220×400 mm),

2 Jwell winders,

chuck length 1500 mm, 8 ends,

Total 4 lines,8 winders.

The lines can spinn both Nylon and Polyester yarn(add a dryer& crystallizer),

210d and 420d middle-high tenacity industrial yarn,capacity is 1500kg-3000kg/d/line.

Just stopped,very good condition.

Buyer can buy both one individual line and 4 lines.

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