28/334: Nylon Industrial Yarn Plants-4 Lines


R. No-28/334-Nylon middle-high tenacity(7.0-7.5g/d) FDY yarn spinning line

We can offer 4 complete Nylon middle-high tenacity(7.0-7.5g/d) FDY yarn spinning line,

manufactured by Jwell in 2017,

each line has 1 extruder, 90 mm,

2 Meter pumps,

1 spinning beam,

2×8 spinning packs(95mm),

2×8 spinnerets(80mm),

2 quenches,

2 x 8 hot godets(220×400 mm),

2 Jwell winders,

chuck length 1500 mm, 8 ends,

Total 4 lines,8 winders.

The lines can spinn both Nylon and Polyester yarn(add a dryer& crystallizer),

210d and 420d middle-high tenacity industrial yarn,capacity is 1500kg-3000kg/d/line.

Just stopped,very good condition.

Buyer can buy both one individual line and 4 lines.


Layout Details are:

Ground floor, 
The pitch is 1600mm,
side edge is 600,
total length is 7600mm,
width is 3600mm.
Height is 4500 mm.
Second floor 
quenching floor height is 3000mm.
Third floor
height is 3000+
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