28-388-Barmag POY Lines-Wings Winders


28-388-Barmag POY Lines-Wings Winders

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28-388-Barmag POY Lines-Wings Winders

36 pos of Barmag Wings POY lines, year 2011. 1500/10 ends, stopped only 2 months, all machines still power connected.

  1. Spinning machines

12 pos with normal spinneret: 75~230Dtex(144F), 24 pos with DIO spinneret: 50~150Dtex(288F)

1). 12 pos with normal spinneret (not DIO), 24 pos with DIO spinneret.

2). Pitch: 1490mm, one winder per pitch for 12 pos, two winders per pitch for 24 pos.

3). Melt pump: 12 pos with China brand melt pumps, 10x 2.4cc

24 pos with Barmag melt pump, 10×1.8cc

4). Melt pump motor and gearbox: 1 no per pos, 36 nos with shaft,etc, 0.2~1.6kW

5). Spin beam and manifold pipelines: two pos per beam, Barmag. 18 nos

6). Spinneret: Ø104mm. Plant only give normal spinneret for 12 pos, qty: 120 nos

Plant not give DIO spinnerets for 24 pos

7). Radial quenching. Barmag, 10 spin packs per pos. Qty: 1:1.5, oil nozzles in quenching have

been removed by plant, they don’t give.

8). Dowtherm boiler and its pipelines: 4 nos

9). Finish pump with motor: 20×0.08cc. Barmag.

10) Small finish tanks: 2 nos.

11) Switch box for spinning: 36 nos

12).Spinning control panels for finish pump and melt pumps and boilers,

3 panels for finish pump control (1 inverter for finish pump per pos).

4 panels for melt pump control. (1 inverter for melt pump per pos).

13). Distribution boxes for control panels.

14). SMU, 2 sets. 1 for 12 pos, 1 for 24 pos

15). 4 position control panels for winders

16). 36 nos Wings POY winders. Model: Wings 40T-1500/10, plus 1 spare, total 37 nos.

17). Winder trolley, 1 no

18). Special tools for winder and spin pack.

19) Signal cables connecting from control panels to winders, finish pumps, melt pump motors, switch boxes, plant not give power cables.

20). Other spare parts those for 36 pos Wings POY machines.

21).Simple maintenance panel, 1 no.

22). Pressure relief valves,2 nos

23) Simple take up frame for 36 pos.

24). Some mechanical and electrical drawings and manuals

25). Other small parts for those 36 pos.



  1. Extruder

Plant want to sell those extruders separately, with vertical CPF, 3.5C, plant`s offer not reasonable, almost same as new.

1). Ø 160mm extruders, not by Barmag, China brand, 2 sets with motor and measuring heads

2).CPF: 3.5C, vertical type, YOM 2015.

3) Control panels for extruders, with one inverter.


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