28-384-Chongli POY Line, 2012


28-384-Beijing Zhongli POY Line, 2012

Chongli POY line, from CP. YOM 2012, 72 pos(with 144 winders),1500/24 ends/pos,Pitch: 1600  mm, Suitable for 75~150D

  1. Melt pump: 12×2.0, Brand:Huaxi,1 no/per winder.
  2. Spin beam,Brand:Chongli, 3 pos one body,
  3. Melt manifold pipelines,
  4. Spin pack: Ø95mm, DIO, 12 nos/pos,
  5. Cross quenching,with mounting plate and doors,
  6. Oil nozzle inside quenching chamber, 12 nos/pos,
  7. Yarn guides inside quenching chamber, 12 nos/pos,
  8. Manual control box for spinning:1 no/pos,
  9. Finish tank: 1 no/36 pos
  10. Finish pipelines in spinning floor,
  11. Cable tray behind cross quenching,
  12. Yarn duct:36 sets
  13. Take-up frame:6 sets,1 set/6 pos
  14. Pipelines behind take-up frame,
  15. Winder, 1 set/pos, Model:BWA40T-1500/12, cam shaft type, 4-in-1 inverter inside panel,
  16. Position control panel,1no/per winder,
  17. Cables connecting winder to position control panels
  18. Distribution control panel in take-up floor,
  19. SMU, 1 set/36pos, total 2 sets, cables connecting SMU with position control panels
  20. Oil mist generators:1 set/18 pos,
  21. Air filter, 1 set
  22. Waste Yarn tank:1 no/6 pos,
  23. Suction gun:1 no/pos,
  24. Winder trolley,
  25. Copies of Drawings and operating manuals: installation drawings, all mechanical and electrical drawings, operating instructions and maintenance manuals.


  1. Plant not given: Melt pump motor, melt pump motor and control panels, finish pump, dowtherm boiler, spinneret.
  2. Spinneret:Plant not give,they still have over 200 Chonlig pos running, details of spinneret is 24Fx2, 36Fx2, 48Fx2, 72Fx2, all round type.
  3. English version of program, documents, drawings or operating instructions, manuals,
  4. Spares and tools, plant not give.
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