28-374-Barmag FDY Lines-5 Lines


28-374-Barmag FDY Lines

Barmag FDY Lines are avaiable for sale as on where basis.
These Lines are fed by CP, so Extruder, CPF and Chips Dryer, etc is not avaible.

1).BARMAG ACW 6T 1500/12, 2007 12 ends,chuck length:1500 mm,8 pos.
Denier: 150-350d,Output: 150-3500kg/pos. spinneret is ellipse, 100 x 60 mm

2).BARMAG ACW 5T 1600/16, 2007,16 ends,:chuck length :1600 mm,24 pos.
Denier: 50-75d,Output: 600-1800kg.

3).BARMAG ACW 5T 1600/16, 2005,16 ends,chuck length:1600 mm,48 pos.
Denier: 50-75d,Output: 600-1800kg.

4).BARMAG ACW 5T 1600/16,,2006,16 ends,chuck length:1600 mm,80 pos.
Denier: 50-75d,Output: 600-1800kg.

5).BARMAG I-QOON 5B 1380/24,2008,24ends(Twins),chuck length:1380 mm,32 pos.
Denier: 50-150d, 900-2700kg.

Above total 5 group FDY lines.

Please let us know your interest.

If Required Chips dryer, extruder, filter for these lines, of similiiar capacity can be arranged, so these lines become a complete chip line.

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