28-356-Barmag Polyester FDY-IQOON Winders-2007


Ref. No.: 28-356

32 pos of Barmag IQOON Polyester FDY line, YOM 2007

  1. Extruder with motor and gearbox, Ø150mm, brand: Jwell, Qty: 4 sets. YOM 2007.12
  2. CPF with filter candles, horizontal, PF2T-3.5B, Brand, East Sea, 4 nos. YOM 2008.01.
  3. Melt manifold pipelines connected with spin beam, 1 set for 4 pos, totally 8 sets
  4. Melt pump motor with gearbox and drive shaft, supporting frame, etc: capacity: 1.25kW, 2 nos/pos, Qty: 64 nos online, plus 2 nos spares, total 66 nos
  5. Cable tray for cables connecting with melt pump motor.
  6. Spin beam: 4 pos/body, Made by Dalian, total 8 sets.
  7. Melt pump, 2 nos per pos, 12×2.4cc, Brand: Barmag, Total qty: 64 nos, all online.
  8. Spin pack: Rectangular bottom-mounted type, 12 nos per pos, qty: 576 sets, each spin pack

Each spin pack contains two spinnerets.

  1. Spinneret: Ø52mm, total qty: 1152 nos
  2. Cross quenching: with base plate, yarn guides, doors, block plates, total qty: 32 nos.
  3. Pitch: 1600mm
  4. Spinning control boxes, 1 no for 4 pos, total qty: 8 nos
  5. Melt pump control panel: Each pos with one inverter. 8 sets. All panels have inverters for 32 pos, complete and no missed.
  1. Integrated control panel for spinning (anti-dry protection, temp for extruder zones and spin

beam, dowtherm boiler temp control,etc), qty: 4 nos

  1. Extruder inverter panel, Frenic inverter, 4 nos.
  2. Dowtherm boiler with pipelines connected with spin beam, Total: 4 nos.
  3. Round finish tank, 2 nos.
  4. Yarn duct, 32 nos
  5. Switch box and alarm system for 32 pos.
  6. Spin pack pressure sensor for 32 pos.
  7. Auxiliary panel, 1 no.

Take up floor machines by Barmag.


  1. Oil roller, 32 nos
  2. Migration by Barmag, 16 sets with metal nozzles (Model: BP124…), 7 sets with ceramic

nozzles, 5 nos of incomplete (oil nozzles missed), 4 nos missed in position, 1 found in warehouse,

others pending, will find and provide.

  1. Yarn comb parts, and other ceramic parts, 32 sets each (all as per online in the take up frame)
  2. Intermingling jets by Barmag, total 32 sets, while 1 set lack of ceramic parts, only have metal

bracket, others are complete. Intermingling is located beside GR inside the heat reservation

box, originally not have SOV, but it seems there are possibly SOV behind migration to stop air

  1. Gathering yarn solenoid valve (Yarn cutter device with gathering solenoid valve), yarn cutter

is complete for 32 pos.

  1. Chrome GR with motor, 1 no/pos, size: 260x530mm. Qty: 32 nos, plus one spare, total 33 sets.
  2. Ceramic GR with motor, 1 no/pos, size: 250x530mm. Qty: 32 nos, plus one spare, total 33 sets.
  3. Chrome SR with motor, 1 no/pos, size: 130x480mm, Qty: 32 nos, plus one spare. total 33 sets
  4. Ceramic SR with motor, 1 no/pos, size: 125x480mm, qty: 32 nos, plus one spare, total 33 sets
  5. Heat reservation boxes for GR and SR, 2 nos/pos, total 64 nos.
  6. Take-up frame with all its auxiliary parts composed of it, include supporting pillar, column,

beams, base, platforms, frontal plate, pipelines behind, tubes, etc. 1 set for 4 pos, total 8 sets.



  1. Winder, Model: IQOON5 -1380/24, 32 sets online, plus one spare. Total 33 sets (32 sets complete

online+ 1 spare, one chuck and one friction roller installed with this winder, other three chucks and

one friction roller for this one spare winder are in warehouse will provide it).

  1. Air filter, 2 sets/ 16 pos, total qty: 4 sets.
  2. Pressure relief valves, 2 sets/16 pos, total qty: 4 sets.
  3. Oil mist recycling, 1 set/16 pos, total qty: 2 sets
  4. Air compressing station, 1 set for 32 pos.
  5. Suction guns: 6 nos for 32 pos.
  6. Position control panel, 1 no/4 pos, total 8 nos
  7. Power distribution panel, 1 no/8 pos, total qty: 4 nos
  8. Main power supply panel, 1 no/16 pos, total qty: 2 nos
  9. Commissioning panel for winder, and test bracket for GR and SR with control box, each 1 set.

As mentioned, we are not sure whether this commissioning panel is for IQOON or other ACW

winders, will give this panel together with software.

  1. SMU with program, one set, possibly put it somewhere in office, if not found, will make new with

program, spare program copied into one pen drive.

  1. Special tools for winder, pump and extruder, spin pack, will give as long as found for those 32

pos in warehouse, even give some not listed here.

  1. Winder trolly:1 set
  2. Doffing trolley, 1~2 nos.
  3. Drawings for those 32 pos machines, mechanical and electrical, operation and electrical

manuals. Will give original if they are only for those 32 pos, and will make copies for those which

share with other lines.

  1. Signal cables and power cables connecting machines with control panels (power cables from

Power distribution panels to position control panels not in this scope)

  1. Winder sleeve PLC and Central master PLC program and winder identification PCB program, as

long as they are software in SMU, all given.

  1. Godet blower cooling for 32 pos
  2. Pre-heating oven, 2 nos,
  3. Pack assembly and disassembly hydraulic, 1 no.
  4. Oil Mist Generator, 1 nos.


This plant stopped since 2016.

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