28-351-Staple Fiber Plant-30 MT Day


28-351-Staple Fiber Plant-30 MT Day

Ref: 28-351

PET Staple Fiber Plant.
YoM 2012, brand Jinfa,
capacity 10,000 t/y,
(Conjugated) 3d PET staple fiber production line available,

Manufactured by Jinfa in 2012,
Baler was manufactured by Shaoyang textile machinery co.,ltd.
Extruders: 2 x 170 mm,
12 positions,
382 spinning beam.pack.

Scope of 30t/d PSF line
A.Front spinning;
1). 385 drum dryers—-7 sets
2).Vacuum pumps—-2 sets
3).Chip hoppers—-2 sets
4).160 mm extruders—-2 set
5).328 Packs—-30 sets
6).Spinneret, 3d, 7d, 15d
7).Packs heat oven—-2 set
8).Vacumn washing ovens
—-2 sets
9).Compressor—-1 set
10).9.5 sm filters—-2 sets
11).328 spinning beams—-2
12).Meter pumps—-12 sets
13).Quenching—-12 sets
14).Tow tunnel—-12 sets
15).Winding machines—-2
16).Drawing machine—-1 set
17).Feeding machine-1 set
18).Reciprocating machine—-

B.Back spinning;
1).Cluster frame—-1 set
2).Tows tanks—-100 sets
3).Tow combine machine—-
1 set
4).Tow guide machine,
5).7rolls rawing machine—-
3 sets
6). Steam box—-1 set
7). Hot water both—-1 set
8). Crimping machine—-1 set
9). Chain dryer—-1 set
10).Tension frame—-1 set
11). Tow feeding machine—-
1 set
12).Cutting machine—-1 set
13). Staple feeder—-1 set
14). Baler—-1 set.

15). Control system.


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