28-348-Pilot Line-Melt Spinning-PET, PA6, PP


28-348-Pilot Line-Melt Spinning-PET, PA6, PP



28-348-Pilot Line-Melt Spinning-PET, PA6, PP-Lab Machine

Description of 3ply Meltspinning Line
Dear Sir,
Enclosed you find an updated list of the technical description of the melt spinning pilot extrusion line we can
offer you. We have prepared the list to the best of our knowledge and belief, but we do not guarantee its
completeness and accuracy.
1.1 Spin Extruder
Horizontal arrangement, complete with inverter controlled AC motor drive, torque overload release by
electronic inverter, melting and mixing screw with dynamical mixing head. Electrical heated by separate
zones and fully insulated. For the use of chips feeding. Measuring of temperature via 4 thermocouple
type J.
For cleaning purposes, the extruder screw can be dismantled both sides.
Size: 35 mm length 30 l/d
Heating power: 4 x 2.5 kW
Motor power: 5.5 kW
Screw: long life type with dynamic mix head for good melt homogeneity
Output range of proposed extruder: (kg/h, approx. values)
Minimum Maximum
– PET 4 26
– PA6 3 22
– PP 2 18
1.2 Pressure Sensor
Type Gefran with calibration facility
Measurement range 0 – 200 bar
Output: 0-10 V DC
Supply: 24 V DC
Including thermocouple type J sensor for melt temperature signal
1.3 Temperature Measurement
By thermocouple type “J” for extruder, pipe and spin beam measurement and connection to
computerized PLC system. Safety system for overtemperature and resistor-breakage detection.
Connection with bayonet-system.
1.4 Spin Pumpe Drive
Speed reducer drive with inverter guided synchronous reluctance motor
Motor power: 0.55 kW
Motor rpm: 1500 rpm / 50 Hz / 380 V AC
Motor type: Bonani
Drive type: Bonfiglioli
Rpm: 8-44 rpm
Reductor: 43,2:1
1.5 Spin Pump
Rectangular design
Manufacture: BARMAG
Capacity: 5 cc/rev.
1.6 Pump Drive Shaft
With slotted pin connection as overload protection of spin pump.
1.7 Spinning Beam
Spin head for installation of round spinning plate dia. 100 mm.
Including a spinning box with spinneret support, melt distributor, screws, sealing and filters.
Designed for bottom loading of boxes with bayonet-coupling.
Compact design, electrical heated, insulated, mounted.
Type: 05/40-100
Electrical heating: 3.5 kW
1.8 Spinnerets
Round design dia. 100 mm (Standard)
I. Trilobale
2 x 60; 2 x 68
II. Delta
3 x 72;
III. Round
2 x 40×0.4; 1 x 64×0.4; 2 x 68×0.3; 3 x 72×0.22; 2 x 72×0.45
Other: 8 x perforated panels; 7 x nozzle roofs, 8 x housings, and several hundred round filters mesh sizes
2.1 Quenchduct
For solidification and cooling of filaments.
Type rectangular for laminar quenching.
Completely with connection distributor and air filters.
Setting of airspeed via motor speed.
2.2 Air treatment unit
Complete including following parts:
– Dust air inlet filter
– Fresh air fan with drive with 0.55 kw AC motor
– All necessary ducts, throttle valve, instruments, fittings.
3.1 Spin Finish Mixing Vessel
Inbox vessel content of 10 lt. and a self-made storage tank with piping and valves.
3.2 Spin Finish Dosing Pump
Volumetric pump with 1 inlet and 2 outlets of 0.16 cc7rev. each.
Completely with mounting plate, connected to self-made storage tank.
Driven by synchronous reluctance motor 0.075 kW and inverter.
Type Barmag.
3.3 Spin Finish Pins
10 special designed ceramic guiders mounted into frame for change of height and location depending on
produced yarn quality.
4.1 Take-up Frame
Complete steel frame for mounting of godets, yarn guiders and winding system. Covered by powder
coated protection layer.
5.1 Godets
Suitable for POY, FDY and BCF production processes with different polymers.
2 cold motorized godets, for guiding yarn
Working Length 220 mm
Ceramic coated, Ra value 1.5 – 3
Driven by synchronous motor 1.5 kW
Diameter 160 mm
Speedrange 50 – 2,500 m/min
2 induction heated motorized godets, for take-up yarn
Type Retech
Working Length 220 mm
Ceramic coated, Ra value 1.5 – 3
Driven by synchronous motor 1.5 kW
Diameter 160 mm
Speedrange 150 – 2,500 m/min
2 induction heated motorized godets, for stretching of yarns
Type Retech
Working Length 220 mm
Ceramic coated, Ra value 1.5 – 3
Driven by synchronous motor 1.5 kW
Diameter 160 mm
Speedrange 150 – 2,500 m/min
1 induction heated motorized godets, for yarns to winder
Working Length 120 mm
Ceramic coated, Ra value 1.5 – 3
Driven by synchronous motor 0.75 kW
Diameter 120 mm
Speedrange 500 – 2,500 m/min
6.1 3-D Hot – Air Texturation Unit
Stainless steel texturation chamber
Air-heating element
Aluminium coated cooing drum
Vacuum Fan
Pressure and temperature regulation
Automatic yarn-cutting device
7.1 Yarn Suction Gun
For collection of waste yarn into a larger container.
8.1 Special Creel and Yarn-Guiding System for 3-ply BCF
Complete unit for use of up to 3 LOY bobbins to transform to 3-ply BCF via yarn-guiders and texturation
unit. Including 3 yarn-tensioning devices and sensors.
9.1 Intermingling System
Complete System for POY, FDY and BCF purpose.
Including pressure regulation station. with different sets of TEMCO inserts.
11 Winder
Type: Barmag Spinnzwirn LFW25
Speed range: 150-2,500 m/min
Chuck length: 600 mm
Max. package dia.: 320 mm
No. of packages: 2
Stroke: 250 mm
Chuck dia.: 90 mm
Traverse system: camshaft
Drive system: spindle driven
Completely supplied with air pressure system and PC.
13 Electrical Cabinets
Type Rittal with internal cooling circuit 1,600 x 500 x 1,800 mm.
Including inverters:
 Extruder 5.5 kW
 Quenchfan 0.75 kW
 Spinpump 1.5 kW
 Spinoil 0.55 kW
 Duo Rolls 1.1 and 1.2 5.5 kW
 Duo Rolls 2.1 and 2.2 5.5 kW
 Duo Rolls 3.1 and 3.2 5.5 kW
 Roll 4 3 kW
 Traverse winder 0.55 kW
 Friction drum winder 5.5 kW
Power supply 400V AC / 24V DC.
PLC system with touch screen display.
Safety relais type PNOZ.
Main switch and contactor.
Fuses and protection circuits.
Connection units.
14 Additional periphery
 Inject AC from Oerlikon Barmag for high pressure dosing of liquid colors and additives into the
melt pipe.
 Sulzer static mixer (now Promix Solutions) for homogenization of liquid and plastic melt.
 Compressed air components from Käser
 Motan Drying and conveying system Luxor 50 / Metro HLB 250/1
 Fourné Vacuum pyrolysis cleaning system VHT 56 N
 Textechno tensile testing machine Statigraph L-GA

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