28-343-PP-High Tenacity Line-Never User-2018

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28-343-PP-High Tenacity Line-Never User

The PP FDY line is for high tenacity yarn.
manufactured in 2018,never used,
it is real new machine.
Some equipment’s are still in package,some opened,drawing system opened,
just put in layout position,not really installed.

The scope of spinning line
1).Material vacuum feeder—1 
3).waste recycle device—1
4).Melt filter—1
5).Meter pump—1
6).Spinning beam—1
7).Spinneret —2
8).Wind box—2
9).Upper drawing device—1
10).Down drawing device—1
11).lapper machine—1
12).Calender machine—1
13).winding machine—1
14).slitting machine-1
15).control panel—1
17).winding box—1
18).oil pump—1
19). Fan—3
20).cooling tower—1
21).Calcination furnace—1
22).Supersonic washing—1
23).motor crane-1
24).PP high tenacity FDY spinning line,including extruder,spinning beam,2 way drawing device,2 winders .

Yarn Denier Range: 500 to 1500 D
Capacity of the Machine : 4000 Kg / Day
Winders: Jinhu Winders, 6 Ends, 1500 mm Chuck
Raw material: Chips and Powder

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