28-329-TMT-PET-HTY Line-8 Positions


28-329-TMT-PET-HTY Line-8 Positions

1. 8 pos of 1400/6
1) Polyester High Tenacity Industrial Yarn, Japan TMT
2). 8 pos with 1400/6 winder.
3). Ground floor by TMT, above by Dalian, Extruder by Jwell
4). Melt pump: Kobelco, Japan.
5). 500D, 850D, 1500D,2000D, 4000D and higher denier with 3 ends.
With 1.05IV chips, over 9g/d
Application: Conveyer belt, hoisting belt, transmission belt, rope, Highway
Anti-collision guardrails
2. Spinning Part
Extruder: Ø170,
Spin beam: 1) pitch: 2750mm
2) 2x25cc/rev
3) Melt pump motor: 2.5kW, 1:59,
4) Spinneret: Ø190mm. up-mounted cylinder type
3. Dowtherm boiler: 2 sets.
4. Cross quenching:
1) 6-ends: 8 sets
2) Wholly lift up and down, quenching tube device
3) Air-blowing, each plate independent air feeding.
5.Yarn Duct: 1) Circular (radial) tube device:
2) 6-end air duct
6. Winding Part
Oiling: Double oil roller, independent oiling, roller size: Ø110×100,
Winder 1) Winder: Ati-414HR/6, 8 sets, YOM:2008/09
Godets: 1) 6-end
GR1: Ø250×400 (duo-godets, Chrome-coating)
GR2: Ø250×500 (duo-godets, Ceramic-coating)
GR3: Ø250×500 (duo-godets, Ceramic-coating)
GR4: Ø250×500 (duo-godets, Ceramic-coating)
GR5: Ø250×450 (duo-godets, Chrome-coating)

Note: Duo means 2 pcs per set. total would be 10 pcs of GR

7. Control System: 1) 1 SMU with communication card
2) 1 Auxiliary panel
3) GR and winder control panel
4) Boiler, melt pump control panel
5) Extruder control panels

The machine is in a Dismantled State.

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