28-283-Barmag POY Lines, 2019, 72 Positions, Wings Winder


28-283-Barmag POY Lines, 2019, 72 Positions

Barmag POY Lines, 2019, 72 Positions

Barmag POY lines Manufactured in 2019,

Denier Range: 50 ~ 100 D

Total 72 positions,

Pitch 720 mm, Reducer—-72 sets, 12 ends,

Spinning beam—-12 sets,

Dyphyl boiler—-4 sets,

Metering pump (1.8×12) —-72 sets,

Oiling pump (0.05×24) —-72sets,

Quench (radial) —-36 sets,

Yarn tunnel—-72 sets,

Winder (Wings 1800 / 12) —-74 sets,

Model of Winders is Wings 1800, Chuck Length: 1500 mm, 12 Ends, 15 kg bobbin

Compress system—-1 set, Pre-intermingling device—-72 sets.

The Wings Model machine comes with 2 options: with Twin Winders (L+R) and with Single Winder.

This machine is Single Winder Machine, as per photos attached

To know about the Wings Winder. Please follow link

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